Rosie Stone + Tristan Viney’s Spikes Diary #1

Rosie Stone (left) copywriter at Loud and Tristan Viney (left), creative director at Eardrum are competing in the Cyber category of the Young Spikes competition. Here, the pair report for Campaign Brief.

The Never Ending Day 1

I know that as a relatively “young contributor” I’m supposed to write something funny yet insightful yet still funny but I’m very sleepy and my brain is mushy. Here goes/doing my best/pls be kind.

10:30am: Jayanta Jenkins, the Global Group Creative Director of Twitter, talking about “How do brands create culture not advertising?” His advice was to chase authenticity rather than cool. I feel this is a lifestyle choice that might come a little easier for Jay as he looked 1000 times cooler than all attendees combined – Google to confirm.

11:30am: BBDO’s Danny Searle on building ideas. Danny highlighted the
need for acts, not ads. As much as we might think what we do is amazing,
in reality the general population kind of hate us. Acts (like Fearless
Girl for example) aren’t seen as ads so people are more likely to like
it and get involved.  

12:30pm: Lydia Lee, Chief Strategist at
Weber Shandwick, on how China is transforming global communication.  By
far the most interesting (admittedly only…) talk I’ve been to
regarding the Chinese market. She discussed how, in such a regimented
society, freedom comes in the form of consumer choice.  The ability to
choose coupled with the democratization of shopping through online
stores has led to a consumer boom and if you want to be a part of that
boom you have to understand China and the Chinese.

1:00pm: A misguided noodle order. Sad.

Young Spikes digital briefing. In a nutshell: “How do we get Thai
millennials to show they support migrant children’s right to an
education in Thailand?”, followed by 24 hours of answering this

2:30pm (Now Day 2 of Spikes): Handed in our response. Very tired and thirsty. If you made it this far, my condolences.

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