Rosie Stone + Tristan Viney’s Spikes Diary #2

Rosie Stone, copywriter at
Loud and Tristan Viney, creative director at Eardrum are
competing in the Cyber category of the Young Spikes competition. Here,
the pair report for Campaign Brief.

Young Spikes 24-hour brief. Done, dusted, and done.

Our 24-hour Young Spikes Digital brief is officially over. And I’m wrecked. Read on at your own peril.

5.jpgRosie Stone and I worked 23-hours straight on this one, only breaking to
eat a raw capsicum (Rosie’s trying to convince me it’s a thing, I’m
sceptical), heat up a cold pork bun, and debate the intricate merits of
using “stitched” vs. “made” in a strapline — like only two copywriters
possibly could, would, and should. Looking2.jpg back, it doesn’t seem as
important any more. Funny that.

Having just palmed off our 9-page presso, I’m extremely keen to find out
what the other teams came up with. And if they got any sleep. But based
on the smell in Room 308, I’m guessing no.

We find out the
results3.jpg tomorrow at 12pm. And I’m mentally preparing myself for the
inevitable aaaaaargh-why-didn’t-we-think-of-that moment that’s sure to
ensue. But that’s part of the fun, right? Finding out how everyone else
approached the same problem you were trying to crack for almost an
entire earth’s rotation straight. It’s like being back at Award4.jpg School.
Only much, much hotter. And with better crab.

Well my brain’s
officially fried. It’s craving sleep and a frosty Tiger or twelve,
which, on a side note, seems to cost something entirely different at
every bar, restaurant, and 7-Eleven. One day I’ll get the hang of this

So, in the absence of anything meaningful to say, here
are some pictures. Because, well, as my old Art Director, Carl
Robertson, used to fondly say: “nobody reads words.”

But you did, so thanks.

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