Virtual Immersive launches to create immersive experiences in virtual reality + augmented reality

Simone Barker, Saxon Dixon, Andrew Lodge and John Doolan have co-founded a new studio called Virtual Immersive (VI) that creates immersive content in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 8 and imminent launch of iPhone X, brands are scrambling to incorporate its new AR technology into their marketing. AR on smartphones has huge viral possibilities, giving advertisers and marketers the ability to create innovative content that blends the real and digital world, while retaining the attention of audiences and motivating users to interact with content time and again.
The most recent ‘Markets and Markets’ report states that the number of
mobile AR users are predicted to reach an astronomical 200 million by
next year, estimating the global augmented and virtual reality markets
will hit USD 151.30 billion by 2022.
Virtual Immersive sees this potential.

Simone Barker, co-founder and head of production, VI: “Augmented
Reality is huge for brands. We can create holograms, virtual graffiti,
virtual interactive games – digital content of all types to place
anywhere. Right now we are building a virtual snowscape with virtual
yetis playing in the snow to place in the Sydney CBD in the middle of
summer. In retail it presents the opportunity to draw customers back
into the store, for restaurant and fast food chains it’s the ability to
create Pokemon Go style game campaigns… the possibilities are truly
Bringing together artists from feature film VFX,
realtime gaming and software programming is the key to VI’s success.
While individually they have decades of experience in their key areas of
expertise, its award winning team of co-founders Saxon Dixon (UX
director), Andrew Lodge (VFX supervisor) and John Doolan (lead software
engineer/programmer) has been working together for over a year now. This
has put VI ahead of the curve in an industry that most people are still
scrambling to get their heads around.

Says Dixon who designs
the user experience for all of VI’s projects: “For a VR / AR experience
to work, the user experience needs to be seamless, interactive and
immersive. It needs to look amazing and be technically unbreakable.
These are the experiences we are building: innovative, immersive
experiences with feature film level VFX.”
Says Lodge: “Many
agencies, production companies and marketers are still seeing VR as 360
video and don’t really know what to make of AR or how to build ideas and
stories around it. We encourage anyone who is interested to come into
the studio and experience the technology for themselves. The reactions
have been fantastic! Seeing the “ah ha” moment on people’s faces is
complete validation of what we are doing here at VI.”
inside the VANDAL creative studio in Redfern, the VI team have been
making the most of its proximity, collaborating with VANDAL’s
co-creative directors Richard Swan and Emile Rademeyer on experiences
soon to be released.



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