Puma launches #LetUsAllTieTheKnot initiative for marriage equality via Cummins&Partners Sydney

Cummins&Partners, Sydney has today announced the launch of #LetUsAllTieTheKnot – a Puma initiative that allows people to show their support for marriage equality in Australia.

#LetUsAllTieTheKnot will allow anyone to show their support for marriage equality by tying ‘The Equality Knot’ – a simple, recognizable and bespoke knot created by Melbourne-based “Professor Shoelace” Ian Fieggen – a Puma OG enthusiast and knotting expert.

Says Mandie van der Merwe, creative director, C&P: “Whether you
identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex, you
should be allowed to marry the person you love. But, if you live in
Australia, you currently do not have this right; you cannot tie the knot
with whomever you want. #LetUsAllTieTheKnot is a PUMA initiative that
allows people who support marriage equality to make a statement about it
every single day until the laws change.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 7.07.38 am.jpgSays Pancho Gutstein,
general manager, Puma Oceania: “This initiative is for equality. For
love. For everyone. It is about supporting our people; whether that be
our employees, our sportspeople or our consumers. PUMA is a brand that
stands up for individuality and being true to who you are. We welcome
diversity in all forms. #LetUsAllTieTheKnot is our way of giving people a
voice to express themselves and their individual views.”

of the campaign and instructions on how to tie The Equality Knot can be
found at In addition, Puma will offer up 5,000
limited-edition shoelaces, in the six colours of the rainbow flag to
support the initiative. These will be available at Puma Chatswood and
Melbourne Central Flagship stores, as well as online at at
no cost from 12th October.

The team at PUMA,
Cummins&Partners, as well as the production partners who have all
given their time and talent to bring this idea to life ask, that if you
support marriage equality, tie The Equality Knot and share it using the

Client: PUMA Oceania
Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners
Production Company: Photoplay
Photographer: Romello Pereira
Animation Studio: Heckler
Sound and Music: Nylon Studios
PR: Tailormaid

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