Sam Frost makes 2017 BW Magazine Hot List

IF Sam Frost wasn’t so sweet it would be easier to dislike her.

The stunning 28-year-old, soon to grace screens on Home & Away, barely has to lift a finger to maintain her incredible figure and fresh-faced complexion.

“I don’t really follow a diet and I exercise if I can be bothered,” said Frost.

The star has earned a privileged spot on the 2017 BW Magazine Hot List but her inclusion is based on more than just good looks.

Sam Frost makes 2017 BW Magazine Hot List | Pacific newsThe 28-year-old is set to appear in Home & Away. Picture: Sam Ruttyn.

Frost has had a year that even she admits has turned out “better than expected”.

It began with putting her culinary skills to the test on Seven’s reality cooking contest, Hell’s Kitchen. Then, she battled her way through a rigorous audition process to land a coveted role on Home & Away, despite never having acted before.

“I just feel really proud of myself for putting in all that effort and hard work and it paid off,” she said.

Diets and exercise aside, the actor admits there is one reason she may be glowing — she’s happier than she’s been in years.

Sam Frost makes 2017 BW Magazine Hot List | Pacific newsSam Frost says she feels proud that her hard work has paid off. Picture: Sam Ruttyn.

“I am in love,” said Frost, who has been dating navy diver Dave Bashford since early this year.

“I certainly feel really happy and I’m really happy with where I’m at. I think when you’re in a really confident, strong and happy mindset that generally radiates through you and you look and feel better.

“I just look after my mind and then hopefully the rest follows!”

Originally published as Secrets of Sam’s love glow

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