Indago Digital, Google, ADMA, Randstad and UNiDAYS to launch ‘Digital Cadets’ training event

Hosted on Friday 11th May 2018, by Indago Digital at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Digital Cadets is a free digital marketing careers and training event for outstanding University students in their final and penultimate years of study.

Working with corporate partners; Google, ADMA, Randstad and UNiDAYS, as well as various education partners that include; UTS, Macquarie University and Western Sydney University the inaugural Digital Cadets event will;
1. Educate all University students that their skills are valued in digital marketing
2. Train delegates on the various subjects within digital marketing
3. Equip University students with the tools to land the best jobs in the industry
4. Bridge the gap between Universities and Australia’s digital marketing industry

For further information on Digital Cadets please click here.
These aims will be facilitated in a one-day event with students studying
various disciplines at our educational partner institutions, though all
students studying at universities in NSW are invited.

Says Gary
Nissim from Indago Digital: “It’s strange how the industry in Australia
seems to favour importing digital marketing talent rather than growing
its own. This is helping fuel the industry’s dependency on the volatile
visa market as well as artificially inflating salaries. If we build a
foundation of local, diverse, intelligent and educated talent that is
then well trained we will be solving a broad range of issues the
industry currently faces.

“We’re not naìˆve enough to believe
that this event will solve the problem, but Indago Digital along with
our corporate and education partners are initiating change.”

For further information on Indago Digital please click here.

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