Girl caught taking nude images of girls at public bathhouse, sending pics to ‘boyfriend’

Netizens believe that she was in fact sending the photos to her employer

Recently, a woman surnamed Chen was taking a shower at a popular public bathhouse in Shenyang when she noticed a middle-aged woman nearby surreptitiously taking cell phone photos of her in the nude. Then, she heard a “ping” indicating that a message had been sent.

Quickly, Chen angrily confronted the woman and bathhouse workers rushed in to prevent the confrontation from escalating. In the chaos, the woman slammed her phone to the floor, breaking it.

Later, at a police station, the woman admitted to taking photos and videos of Chen, as well as of other women. She said that she would then send these pics and clips to her boyfriend.

At this point, it’s not clear what kind of punishment the woman will face. A post about the incident from a local Shenyang Weibo account went viral yesterday. The post included a picture of the suspect (below), along with two photos of women at public showers (above), however, they were not those taken by the suspect.

Many Weibo users have doubted that the woman was sending the voyeuristic photos to her “boyfriend,” as she claimed, instead asserting that she was actually sending them to her “employer,” who would allegedly sell the pics to an underground pornographic website.

Back in 2016, an Anhui woman was also found to be secretly filming nude videos of other women inside a public bathhouse. After being caught, the woman insisted that she was just trying to please her husband improve their sex life.

[Images via 沈阳最头条]

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