It’s time to start out a images journey weblog (once more).

Photo: Guangzhou to Kowloon Train. Jan 2018. Fuji X-T2.

It’s time to start a photography travel blog (again).


Welcome to my new travel photography blog. I spend a lot of time traveling for work, and nowhere near enough time traveling with the lovely dd. Whenever I’m (or we’re) away, I take endless snaps. Some good, some bad, some with a point of view, some that are just, er, views.

The difference between Touringboy and my normal site, <a href=”“>dagboshoots on flickr</a> is that I’m going to focus more on the process of photography, and how and why I’m shooting things, rather than trying to find particularly good shot to share with friends, family, work colleagues, and the small handful of folk that I am connected to via social networks that I don’t know personally.

I’ve also decided to stick with my old, old friend flickr as the primary posting place. I’ve been drawn to, and happily use, Instagram, but there is something just old and familiar about flickr. And, despite its creaking old age, it still has some wonderful features, power and communities.

So let it begin!

About the photo: I spend a lot of time in taxis, trains and planes, and so I take a LOT of photos out of the window of taxis, trains and planes. The train ride between Guangzhou and Kowloon is about two and a half to three hours and it’s a good opportunity to take a lot of pics of a bit of China I don’t really see.

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