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With tariffs again in the news because President Trump doesn’t know how trade works (among other things), I was reminded this morning of The West Wing’s “Game On” episode:

Trade is essential for human rights. Instead of isolating them, we make them live by the same global trading rules as everyone else and gain 1.2 billion consumers for our products and strengthen the forces of reform…

‘Free trade is essential for human rights’… the end of that sentence is ‘we hope because nothing else has worked.’

The President knows Chinese political prisoners are going to be sewing soccer balls with their teeth whether we sell them cheeseburgers or not, so let’s sell them cheeseburgers.

… 3,700 years ago in the Shang dynasty when a king died, his slaves were beheaded — the lucky ones. The unlucky ones were buried alive. Political repression? This is progress.

No one wants to read headlines about Chinese workers committing suicide like last year:

Life and death in Apple's forbidden city

And even in a socialist republic run by a communist party, it’s possible to make progress on prevention:

I Take the Calls at a Chinese Suicide Prevention Hotline

But a trade war and isolation never work. Not for anyone. Not ever.

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The West Wing — Free Trade is Essential for Human Rights

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