INheritage Official Artbook’ Exhibits One in every of Many Methods on How one can Recognize Native Cultures

Cover art

INheritage: Boundary of Existence is a hell-bullet shooter game for mobile made in Indonesia by Tinker Game that’s released in 2013. This game was wholeheartedly infused with the inspirations from local cultures, taking the icons of each states of the country into beautifully designed characters.

Hand signed by the lead artist

This book highlights Muchlis Nur’s masterpieces. He is the lead artist of the project, mainly the guy who designs the art of the game. I bought this book in Anime Festival Asia 2013. He was there in the Tinker Game’s booth. I was a fan of his works, so it makes me happy to get his hand sign on the artbook. One of my priceless collection.

In this book, not only he shows the details of the characters inside, there are also some artworks and designs that don’t appear in the game.

The details in the book are very inspirational and worth to be noted. Indonesia has many states and each state has its own iconic animals. In INheritage game, the spiritual animals are called as “Rakyan”. The heroines inside the game take forms based on their Rakyan. For example, the character Dita “The Spiral Horn, Arca of Garut”.

This image is not taken from the artbook but from the web

Garut is a state in Indonesia that is popular with its lamb, Domba Garut. Their horns are the most iconic part of their body, thus giving Dita a design that’s mostly focused on the horns. Mukhlis Nur said that Dita’s design is the most modernly looking one out of the other heroines.

Another example is Khaula “The Golden Deer, Arca of Bogor”.

This image is not taken from the artbook but from the web

One of Bogor’s most popular icon is the deer. Deer is usually correlated with forest. Mukhlis Nur tried to approached this stereotype with a bow as her weapon, pallets of brownish colors with purple accent, and bare feet. One glance and Khaula and you can see that she’s lived in the forest for years. Truly a very good fantasy themed representation of Bogor.

The enemies in the game are also inspired by Indonesia’s myth of local ghosts such as Kuntilanak, Tuyul, or Jenglot.

Do you see how creative Muchlis Nur re-imagined the ghosts to be compatible with the theme? This kind of presentation surely would be attractive for the players and the idea of giving a modern touch to the design is fantastic.

INheritage is a very inspirational game for the local creators, especially the artists who are in charge of designing the art of the game. Character designers are the ones responsible for creating a good impact in the hearts of the players. With good, beautifully made design, it is easy to catch the players’ eyes AND make them remember the game for a long time. Games that bring up Indonesian culture are very rare. The ones who are up for the task are the local creators, the local studios. So let’s start supporting games or ANY KIND of creative contents that are made from your own country. We are the ones who make the world a better and fun place to live in!

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