The Speeches, Discussions, and Occasions from April 9 to April 13

CSIS hosts over 2,000 events a year, from major public speeches to small briefings. Join us here for an inside look at the events of the week.

4.9: The Russian Way of Warfare

After ten years of military modernization and defense reform, Russia’s military is now a reliable instrument of national power that can be used in a limited context to achieve vital national interests. CSIS hosted a conversation on the evolution of Russia’s armed forces, its strategy, and the way it uses force tell us about the future.

From left to right: Scott Boston, Defense Analyst, RAND; Dara Massicot, Policy Researcher, RAND; Michael Kofman, Research Scientist, Russia Studies Program, CNA; Olga Oliker, Senior Adviser and Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, CSIS; Michael Kofman

4.12: China’s Maritime Silk Road: Strategic and Economic Implications for the Indo-Pacific Region

What are the real costs of the Silk Road? CSIS hosted a discussion on China’s Maritime Silk Road, and in particular it strategic and economic implications for the Indo-Pacific Region.

From left to right: Matthew P. Funaiole, Fellow, China Power Project, CSIS; Gregory B. Poling,
Director, Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, and Fellow, Southeast Asia Program, CSIS; Michael J. Green,
Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, CSIS; Andrew Shearer, Senior Adviser on Asia Pacific Security and Director, Alliances and American Leadership Project, CSIS; Amy Searight, Senior Adviser and Director, Southeast Asia Program, CSIS; Jonathan E. Hillman, Fellow, Simon Chair in Political Economy, and Director, Reconnecting Asia Project, CSIS; Andrew Shearer, CSIS.

4.12: Contested Seas: Maritime Challenges in Northern Europe

As NATO and its partners prepare for the 2018 Summit, challenges from Russia are manifesting in multiple domains, including the waters of Northern Europe. CSIS hosted a moderated discussion on the threats and capabilities shaping the region’s maritime landscape, featuring the Navy Chiefs of Sweden and Germany.

From left to right: Rear Admiral Jens Nykvist
Chief of Staff, Royal Swedish Navy; Vice Admiral Andreas Krause, Chief German Navy

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