Netizens are thirsting for this ‘vintage’ Peppa Pig porcelain cup

When the Qing dynasty meets British children’s animation

The ancient art of Chinese ceramics has reached new heights recently with the creation of a porcelain cup featuring a traditional Chinese landscape that Peppa Pig is riding through on her bicycle.

The artist who created this piece told China Youth Daily that the idea just sorta came to him and that he never expected it to become such a hit when he posted photos of the cup onto his social media accounts last week.

But, in less than a week, the cup has gone viral on the Chinese internet and hundreds have written in, asking how they secure one of these suckers for their cupboard.

However, the artist has said that he actually has no plans of mass producing and selling these “antique” Peppa Pig cups, adding that it takes him 15 hours to finish just one cup, which simultaneously harken back to the days of the Qing dynasty and Saturday morning cartoons.

Though, it’s also unclear if he would have the legal right to produce the cups, even if he wanted to. Of course, that hasn’t stopped one Taobao merchant, based out of the Chinese porcelain capital of Jingdezhen, who reportedly sold out of his stock of 200 Peppa Pig cups in just two days. Each cup was priced at 399 yuan ($63).

Peppa Pig has achieved tremendous popularity in China, so much so that a pair of theme parks dedicated to the cartoon character are scheduled to open in Beijing and Shanghai in 2019 — just in time of the Year of the Pig.

[Images via @叁十叁墨黛山]

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