Foreigners parachuted from the tallest constructing in Beijing

Recently, a report issued by the Beijing Chaoyang police attracted the attention of reporters. According to the report, at 6 o’clock on the 1st of April, an expatriate man left after a parachute building was under construction in Jianwai area, and was later detained by the police for 10 days in administrative detention.

The reporter learned that the foreign man named Alex Pykhov was paralyzed at the “China Respect” building currently under construction. According to public information, the “China Respect” building is currently the tallest building in Beijing, and its building height has exceeded 500 meters.

After the release of the notification, Alex Pykhov’s dangerous behavior sparked heated discussions among users:

STARXAND: You must follow the rules of playing extreme sports, otherwise the uncle will complete your window life.

Crazy man: Oh, I thought I was a pancake man. I didn’t think the police was a pancake chef.

Rabbit: Chaoyang police, quick disposal! Foreigners are also guilty of breaking the law!


Men involved in skydiving had almost hit a passerby

The reporter saw on Alex Pykhov’s social media that he released many videos of his own parachuting around the world. Recent video shows that he once parachuted in China, including a video of a parachuting from a tower crane in a building in a city in Guangxi, and landing at a motorway junction.

In the video, when he dropped, he once “walked past” with a nearby building and finally landed only a few meters away from the pedestrians on the road.

On March 30, he released a picture of the Beijing International Trade Area, stating that he would be parachuting here.

On April 1st, he released a photo of the whereabouts of the hung on a parachute. In the background of the photo, he can see the “China Respect” building. He said he has jumped from the “China Respect” of 528 meters high.

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