Love Island Australia: What actually goes on below the doona

IT’S A sight Love Island Australia viewers will be familiar with — amorous contestants pulling the bed covers up over their heads as the lights go out.

But while the doona move might be considered the universal sexy times signal on shows like Geordie Shore and Big Brother, eliminated contestant Justin Lacko has another more surprising explanation.
Speaking to news.com.au after his shock booting on Thursday night, the fan favourite said the brief moments of escape from the cameras were “misconstrued”.

“Tayla and Grant, they might put the doona over their heads, but I don’t think anything really happened. I think it’s more them being cheeky together and poking one another,” Justin said, seemingly referring to a very G-rated form of “poking”.

But the international male model said Erin and Grant weren’t afraid to showcase their love in plain sight.

“I don’t know what’s been seen or shown to the public but Eden and Erin aren’t too shy at all they do show off themselves,” he said.

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media_cameraJustin Lacko said contestants were after a different kind of private time. Picture: Channel 9

“I think those two are two crazy animals and they really don’t care what anybody thinks about them.”

While other contestants had different ideas, Justin had a strict no sex on TV policy that he stuck to the whole time he was on Love Island Australia.

“I don’t feel that it is necessary to be putting out there [that] it’s OK be having sex on TV, I don’t think anyone should be feeling forced into feeling they have to do something like that,” Justin said.

“What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, not all of us needs to know what happens, it’s quite private.”

But the international male model admitted he had different rules when it came to stripping off at other moments in the villa.

“I loved walking around naked,” Justin said. “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter, I was like f**k it, I think I’ve got a good body.”

Failing to ignite a spark with first Tayla and then Millie, Justin hit back at criticism from other male contestants that he was too “flamboyant” and “camp” for the girls to find attractive.

“I always want to look presentable and I also want to be respectful towards people around me in the way that I might act,” he said.

“I think that I am an old school kind of guy, and I think the way that I respect everyone that’s where my feminine side comes out.”

media_cameraJustin said he wished other contestants would stop bringing up his sexuality. Picture: Channel 9

He also wished those in the villa and watching at home would stop speculating about his sexuality and focus on “people finding love” on Love Island Australia.

“I feel more sorry for the people that are bringing it up, because I feel like if they are that bored and they are questioning my sexuality, I think they need to start questioning why are they there are they there for entertainment or are they there to find love?” Justin said.

“I mean I’m flattered that they care so much about me, I must be a real catch … maybe they should be questioning their sexuality?”

Love Island Australia airs on 9 NOW and 9GO Sunday to Thursday at 8.30pm

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