China Pleasure, Blockchain Video games, and Crypto Kitties Surprises!

We’re half way through August and it’s been a festive month! We kicked off the first week in Shanghai, August 3rd with our China Joy Meetup with discussions around “energizing the global community and inspiring game developers to join the future of games on the blockchain.” The Ares Tech Shanghai Meetup was hosted by the European team from Berlin, including opening talks by CEO Jack Li, CTO Christian Gehl, and their sweetest addition to the vision, Candy Behunin taking her role as CMO. The event aimed to connect developers, investors, players and encourage in-depth feedback, progress updates from Ares and of course to connect with their global communities!

Candy Behunin — CMO at Ares Tech, Shanghai China Joy Meetup
Christian Gehl, CTO of Ares Techs speaking at CGDC
Cofounder / CEO of Ares Tech Jack Li chatting with Cofounder of Crypto Kitties, Benny Giang

Ares also officially announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft China Accelerator, to jointly promote European blockchain projects in cooperation with entry into the Chinese markets — securing stronger ties between the East and West tech industries. China’s most influential developer community DappReview reached a strategic cooperation to support domestic developers and assist with overseas expansion — having a mindset to act local, while keeping opportunities open to grow globally.

Special speakers included surprise guest, Crypto Kitties co-founder Benny Giang, BigChainDB director Ricardo Garcia, DappReview founder Vincent Niu, and founder of LeBlock, Song Yang attended to show support and recognition of the Ares vision. Hundreds of guests RSVP’d along with early stage investors, future investment interests, media outlets, and strategy partners.

Ares is committed to pioneering the next generation of scalable blockchain gaming networks. The Ares Suite provides a seamless all in one SDK allowing developers the flexibility to use any game engine of their choice, Ares Arena will provide gamers a transparent and trusted gaming environment, Ares Connect is where developers can market and monetize their games with built in services and partnerships to support distribution — thus letting developers focus on creation, while Ares handles pushing games to the mainstream.

Super Partners and Cross-market Accelerators:

Through the Microsoft China partnership and “soft landing plan” Ares Techcan integrate with other collaborative projects, help connect them with ecological resources, an international ecosystem, and shared networks. Microsoft China Accelerator will provide strategy consultant, investment, and financing services, with other related resources, like brand marketing support and the Microsoft cloud. “Soft landing plan” will be officially launched in Q3 2018 with an open enrollment — specific details will be available on Ares Tech’s official website and community channels. As the first global strategic partner, Ares Tech will also provide additional incentives and in-depth incubation of premium blockchain gaming projects. Ares looks forward to contributing as a network incubation for blockchain games, which they believe creates potential to collaborate with first hand projects, developers, and other gaming communities to support the industry’s growth and development.

Game Design Competition and upcoming events:

To bring together gaming communities, China’s DappReview along with Crypto And Gamers hosted an online competition to design the next game on the blockchain. Winners will soon be announced with interviews of their projects submitted. CEO Jack also revealed that Ares will carry out a series of roadshows in Europe. GamesCom and DevCon are scheduled for August 19–25th in Cologne, Germany, follow their Twitter and Telegram for booth info and trade show agenda. September will include Berlin Blockchain Week, ETH Berlin, and developer’s Meet-up in Prague during Ethereum’s DevCon4. Ares Tech would love to hear from game developers around the world so please get in touch or follow our channels to learn more about putting your game on the blockchain. Ares Tech is enthusiastically hiring for community managers, moderators, and full time tech and business roles in the Berlin main office!

A few insights from the Shanghai Meetup Panels:

DappReview founder Vincent Niu shared Fomo3D’s hidden indie game and egg analysis. Vincent analyzed three reasons why there aren’t more games on the blockchain. First, the underlying ecological uncertainty, too many public chains, too many side chains, infrastructures and frameworks are still in a very early state. Second, performance. Ethereum is difficult to host large-scale games. Third, there are too few developers willing to explore new possibilities because of onboarding complexity or at least perspective of learning costs associated with combining or adopting new technologies.

Meetup Panel Discussions
Developers and Ares Community
Thank you everyone for joining! Ares Tech — China Joy Meetup

As the publisher of the most traditional games, Wang Wei, Vice President of Weijing Technology Game Distribution, shared his thoughts on blockchain games. The different changes of the platform, the blockchain is a new technology or a new tool, for the game is a supplement or combination, or a new platform for future development, Wang Hao frankly can not be sure. Regarding the traditional company’s unwillingness to transform, he thinks it is normal. After all, the traditional game publishers are still centralized. Who owns this property? There is no legal attribution.

The round table ended in a discussion of the future of their respective platforms by Song Yang, Wang Hao, Vincent and Jack Li. The Ares team integrates global community and star project resources to help traditional games onboard into the evolution of blockchain games. It is believed that the ecological strategic cooperation between Microsoft China Accelerator and DappReview will help the development of Ares Tech continue to move forward into the next big gaming frontier — currently, blockchain based games seems like a unicorn in a billion dollar traditional gaming industry, Ares Tech hopes to pave the path for more developers to experiment early, when innovation and disruption creates the biggest community impact.

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