Complete Worth of All U.S. Imports Topic to Chinese language Tariffs

By the Numbers: China has imposed tariffs on U.S. imports under three separate tariff packages: (1) a relatively small steel/aluminum retaliatory package; (2) a $50 billion retaliatory tariff package (comprised of two tranches covering $34 billion and $16 billion of U.S. imports); and (3) an additional $60 billion retaliatory tariff package (implementation date pending).

The figure below provides an indication of the total value of goods targeted by these packages at the HTS 4- and 2-digit levels. Figure covers all product lines whose imports value is at least .05 billion USD (i.e. $50 million USD). Data on Chinese imports of U.S. goods comes from the UN’s COMTRADE Database and covers 2017. (nb: Data at the appropriate HTS product level was obtained via special request from the UN). 2017 represents the most recent ear of available data. Additional duties indicated refer to the average additional duty by HTS product level for all products falling under a given 4- or 2-digit product category.

Download a more legible version of the HS4 figure in pdf format here, and a more legible version of the HS2 figure here.

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