What the longer term holds

The Matrix

When a computer hacker (Keanu Reeves) discovers the life he has been living is a computer-generated dream, he faces a choice. Keep living the lie or break free and save the world. An action packed tour de force, this manages to combine cool effects, some of the best fight scenes ever filmed and a storyline that will actually make you question reality.

Big hit: Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

Big hit: Keanu Reeves in The Matrix.

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Set in a future where war has destroyed most of North America, the remaining cities are filthy, crowded and ruled over by Judges who have the right to apprehend, pass sentence and (if needed) execute criminals on the spot. When the toughest of them all, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) responds to a call in an apartment building he’s going to need everything he has to survive.

Blade Runner

In a dark, gritty and perpetually rainy future city, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner, a cop whose job it is to hunt down artificial humans who have somehow made it to earth from their off-world homes. But what happens when he starts to fall for one of the “replicants” he is supposed to kill? A classic of the genre that challenges the idea of what it means to be alive.

Men in Black

Not too far into the future, bit definitely on a very different Earth, a secret government agency is keeping the existence of aliens a secret. And they’re busy because even though most people haven’t noticed, there’s visitors from other planets everywhere! Great fun with Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones as our resident guardians of galactic peace. And don’t forget to check out the sequels too!

Breakout role: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator.

Breakout role: Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator.

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In the movie that shot Arnold Schwarzenegger into mega-stardom, he is a robotic assassin sent back in time to kill a young boy who will one day grow up to save the planet from a machine takeover. Bleak and action packed, The Terminator somehow manages to show how humanity at its darkest hour can produce its finest moments.

Edge of Tomorrow

In a scenario that will be instantly familiar to any gamer, Tom Cruise plays an army major caught in the middle of a war between aliens and Earth who discovers he can “respawn” when he dies, popping up at the start of the same day but with memories of what went wrong. Can he learn enough to save the planet or will it just be the worst day of his life, forever?


It’s 2154 and while the rich live long comfortable lives on an orbiting city, the majority of Earth’s inhabitants are virtual slaves, struggling for what little food and medicine they can afford. When a poor thief (Matt Damon) is told he has just days to live, his only hope is to break into the floating city and steal the medicines that will save him. Even if he has to start a war in the process.

Riveting story: Bruce Willis in Looper.

Riveting story: Bruce Willis in Looper.

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When time travel becomes possible, a crime syndicate immediately starts using it to send murder victims into the past where a “Looper” can safely kill them and erase their future selves from the planet without a trace. But when a Looper’s victim is his future self, all hell breaks loose. Bruce Willis is in excellent form here navigating a complex but riveting jigsaw of a story.


Climate change has left the world in a new ice age, with the last of humanity aboard one enormous train travelling around the world on a huge circular track. The rich are at the front, the poor at the back and life, such as it is, goes on. Until one man (Chris Evans) leads an attack on First Class in a war to rebalance the wealth. Action galore here with a very cool (pun intended) surprise at the end.


Based on the 1970s movie Westworld (which inspired the current TV series), Futureworld returns us to the theme park where life-like robots are programmed to serve guests and indulge their every whim, even if that means dying. But like anything with a spark of life, the robots don’t like that idea and turn the fun park into a living hell to stay alive.

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