Police arrest leading figure in fraud group involved in ¥6.3 billion Tokyo land deal

Tokyo police have arrested a 59-year-old man on charges including the use of forged documents over a high-profile land fraud case in which Sekisui House Ltd. was swindled out of billions of yen.

Misao Kaminsukasu is believed to be one of the leading figures in the real estate fraud.

Kaminsukasu fled to the Philippines last October, just before the Metropolitan Police Department launched a compulsory investigation into the group. He was detained in Manila by local immigration authorities last month.

Kaminsukasu was transferred to Japan on Friday night. He denied the alleged use of forged documents, claiming he was not involved in the fraud case, according to the police.

Including Kaminsukasu, a total of 17 people have been arrested over the incident.

Kaminsukasu attended negotiations with Sekisui House on the land deal with Masami Haketa, 63, who pretended to be the owner of the plot and also faces fraud charges. He is believed to have jointly played leading roles in the case with Mike Uchida, 65, and Yoshio Doi, 63, who were both recently served fresh arrest warrants for alleged fraud.

Kaminsukasu is suspected of attempting to file for the registration of change in ownership for a 2,000-sq.-meter plot in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward by submitting forged documents to a branch office of the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau in early June 2017

Sekisui House had paid some ¥6.3 billion to the fraud group to purchase the land by that month.

But the legal affairs bureau rejected the land registration application after finding that the documents submitted by the fraud group were forged.

The major Japanese house builder was unable to acquire the land and eventually ended up losing ¥5.55 billion.

The Tokyo police will investigate Kaminsukasu also on suspicion of fraud.

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