HKFP Lens: Cathay Camera Club’s ‘People of Hong Kong’ exhibition to showcase work of city’s photographers

The Cathay Camera Club will showcase some of their members’ work at their 2018 annual exhibition.

Photo: William Tam.

Between 22 and 24 January, members of the public can visit the exhibition at Club Lusitano in Central.
Elgin Street Dan Marchant

Photo: Dan Marchant.

Cathay Camera Club, established in 1982, aims at bringing together Hong Kong-based photographers of all skill levels and nationalities who are keen to develop their proficiency and techniques in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Gary Jones

Photo: Gary Jones.

Club members will present their images on the theme of “People of Hong Kong,” along with works that have been featured as submissions in club competitions, held regularly throughout the year.
Ha Si Hung

Photo: Ha Si Hung.

The photographs exhibited will be of portraiture, landscape, street, as well as travel photography, in both color and black & white formats.
Henk Jan Pomstra

Photo: Henk Jan Pomstra

Participating artists include: Balazs Fejes, Dan Marchant, David Miller, Fannie Wong Man Lai, Gary Jones, Ha Si Hung, Hayley Nash, Henk Jan Pomstra, Idalina Silva, Ivanna Vivcharyk, Ivy Mak, Jeremiah Palmerston, Leo Zank, Mary Dimitropoulou, Michael Epstein, Myroslav Dvornyk, Rudmer Hoekstra, Sabrina Wen, Valentina Kazanskaya, William Tam
Cathay Camera Club Annual Exhibition 2018-19 poster

Date and time: January 22 and 23 – 2pm to 10pm; January 24 – 11am to 3pm. Venue: Club Lusitano, Salao Nobre de Camoes, 27th floor, 16 Ice House Street, Central.

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