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Might I suggest that instead of a 3.3 metre plinth for Grantham’s new statue (Rejected by London, statue of Thatcher goes home, 6 February), a plinth the height of Nelson’s Column, 51.6 metres, is used. This would be much more in keeping with what Thatcher might have expected, less liable to vandalism, and unlikely to be missed or, come to that, actually seen. So, something for everyone.
Gary Bennett
Exeter, Devon

Placename tautologies abound in the world, eg Pendle Hill means “hill hill hill” in three different languages. But I was impressed by the Australian suburb that has the brass neck to call itself Townsville City (‘Move to higher ground’ alert as Australian city opens floodgates, 4 February).
Alan Woodley

As small children, my brother and I were tickled by an elderly maiden great-aunt (G2, 4 February; Letters, 6 February). She obviously thought this was a good way to “bond” with little-understood children. We were tickled till it hurt and we were terrified. Every visit was torment.
Caroline Smurthwaite
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

If we crash out of the EU on 29 March, and our economy implodes, will the US, the Lima Group and European countries call for Jeremy Corbyn to be installed as “interim prime minister” (Europe gets behind Guaidó as Maduro refuses to budge, 4 February)?
Julian Roberts
Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Shopping in Waitrose does not mean one has “arrived” (Jess Phillips interview, G2, 4 February). I encountered a posh acquaintance there. She said: “Oh! I didn’t expect to see you shopping in here.”
Kaye McGann
Standlake, Oxfordshire

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