Redlands Community News: Quest launches new product covering Redlands Coast

Quest Community News is launching a new product covering the Redlands Coast.

The online-only platform launches officially on Monday, February 11, and will deliver news about the Redlands to readers within the city and beyond.

Backed by a team of experienced reporters, will cover everything from breaking news to sport, education, business and development, crime, entertainment and the arts.”/>
media_cameraRedlands Community News

Quest editor-in-chief Jodie Powell said the new site would deliver Quest’s trusted news coverage to a new audience.

“We have a long and proud tradition of covering the issues that matter to our readers across greater Brisbane, including the Moreton, Logan and Ipswich regions,” Ms Powell said.

“Our oldest paper, the Albert & Logan News, is 141 years old and has evolved with its audience over the years.

“In an era of digital-first publishing it’s very exciting to be creating a website dedicated to news from the Redlands Coast

“It is only natural for us to now extend our service into Redlands Coast, allowing Quest to offer even deeper coverage in southeast Queensland.

“Taking into consideration how our readers now like to connect with their local Quest news outlet, we will be publishing Redlands Coast content only via the website and social media.

“We look forward to hearing from the Redlands Coast community and giving our new readers a voice on the issues that matter to them.”

Do you have a story to tell or local issue you believe needs raising?

Email the editor: or phone 07 3666 8000.






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