Michael Jackson: Singer’s body ‘could be exhumed’ for DNA test

Michael Jackson’s body “may be exhumed for DNA tests after new child sex allegations”, according to a sensational US media claim.

Eleven people have reportedly stepped forward to demand that the megastar’s body be removed from his tomb in California and examined for DNA evidence, according to Radar Online.

But the website’s startling claims have been slammed as completely “untrue” and “malicious” by the Michael Jackson estate, which has demanded Radar speaks with “credible sources”.

Radar Online alleged that “proof of crimes” lie “buried with the King of Pop.”

media_cameraMichael Jackson leaves a Los Angeles courtroom in 2005. Picture: AFP

The website said that Jackson’s body “may be exhumed from its crypt to prove he was a serial molester” after further alleged sex assault victims stepped forward claiming they were abused by the star.

Forensic experts apparently told Radar that traces of skin and nails would remain on his body.

But the claims have been scoffed at by the Michael Jackson Estate, which has fired off an angry letter to the website.

The estate said the singer’s body will not be exhumed for DNA tests, according to The Blast.

Demanding to know who exactly had claimed he was about to be exhumed, the estate said its representatives “were surprised no one told them about this unusual development”.

media_cameraMichael Jackson is at the centre of new sex abuse claims. Picture: AP
media_cameraWade Robson in 1990, after he’d met Michael Jackson. Picture: Supplied

It also pointed out that the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office was unable to locate any further victims after going on a “virtual jihad” against Jackson.

The letter stated that “nothing in the article is true. The article is full of maliciously and probably false statements.

“It is not our usual practice to tell persons in other professions how to do their jobs, but we will make an exception here.

“May we suggest that you try something different in the future and talk to real, sane and credible sources?”

media_cameraWade Robson, from left, director Dan Reed and James Safechuck pose for a portrait to promote the film Leaving Neverland. Picture: AP

Radar’s story was published in the wake of a controversial documentary, Leaving Neverland, featuring fresh abuse claims by former childhood fans of the singer.

These include accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who said they suffered abuse in Jacko’s enormous California mansion he dubbed Neverland.

The documentary debuted at the Sundance Festival late last month.

It contained graphic allegations of abuse by Jackson against Safechuck and Robson, shocking film critics who went along to the four-hour screening.

media_cameraMichael Jackson supporters outside of the cinema at Sundance where the controversial documentary was screened. Picture: AP

After network HBO announced last week that the network will air Leaving Neverland on March 3 and 4 in the US, Jackson’s estate called upon the network to “investigate” the claims made in the documentary, and criticised the two-parter as “one-sided and a disgrace”.

British station, Channel 4, has also confirmed it will broadcast the expose — despite a backlash from the late singer’s family and fans.

media_cameraThe late singer’s family have lashed out against claims made in the documentary. Picture: AFP

This story was originally published in The Sun and is reprinted with permission.

Originally published as Jackson’s body ‘could be exhumed’

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