Michael Jordan savagely rejects James Harden, Russell Westbrook: NBA 2019

Michael Jordan held court during his Charlotte All Star weekend press conference on Wednesday — and the world is better for it.

The Chicago legend and Hornets team owner was asked about almost everything in basketball — except his own career.

That didn’t stop the 55-year-old from turning the focus back onto himself with one saucy quip that showed the legendary smack talker still very much has it.

Jordan ripped on All Stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden — the NBA’s most recent Most Valuable Players — for no real reason, other than they got in his way when he wanted to be talking about himself and his iconic six championships with the Bulls.

Jordan was asked by a reporter whether he believed Harden’s streak of scoring more than 30 points in 30 consecutive games or Westbrook’s own record-breaking feat of 10 consecutive games where he has recorded a triple double statline is more impressive.

His Royal Airness was not amused.

“Both, they are both hard,” Jordan began his response simply enough.

“Uniquely, it shows the talent that we have within the league.

media_cameraHe kills you six times before you hit the ground.

“I’m very proud of how both guys have done because they’re making their mark for the league, and I think it really helps grow the league, Which is harder from a player’s standpoint? Six championships, by all means.”

The completely unexpected and unnecessary savagery of the quip had reporters cackling loudly as a cheeky grin stretched across the Space Jam star’s face.

Harden needed a late scoring spree on Tuesday (AEDT) to extend his streak to 30 games, scoring 11 points in the final 100 seconds as the Rockets defeated the Dallas Mavericks 120-104. Harden, who is playing with a strained left shoulder, reached the 30-point mark by swishing a 30-foot pull-up jumper. Westbrook finished with 21 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists to notch his 10th straight triple-double in the Thunder’s 120-111 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, breaking a tie with Wilt Chamberlain for the most consecutive triple doubles.

Both players will be in Charlotte this weekend for the All-Star game.

They might want to avoid coming into contact with Jordan.

When it comes to competition, a leopard like Jordan never changes his spots.

Jordan’s Eastern Conference rival Allen Iverson revealed last year that he too got taken to the cleaners by Jordan’s savage competitive streak.

media_cameraStone cold killer.

Iverson revealed he was speechless after meeting his childhood idol Jordan during the 1997 NBA All Star weekend, where Iverson had been selected to play the rookie game.

“The first time I ever talked to him was that year, playing in the rookie game,” Iverson said.

“I’ll never forget it, because he said, ‘What’s up, you little b****?’ I’ll never forget it. I looked at him like … ‘Alright, man.’”

For whatever reason, it remains undeniable that Jordan’s unique brand of cockiness is almost universally adored when so many other acts of arrogance on the sporting field are universally looked down upon.

But that’s what makes Jordan special, his uber-arrogant quip on Wednesday was universally loved.

Originally published as Michael Jordan is a straight up savage

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