Mum of four’s desperate plea for funds to afford lifesaving treatment

A MOTHER of four is desperately trying to raise money for another round of the cancer treatment she says saved her life three years ago.

First diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer seven years ago, Suzanne Day has had 33 radiation sessions, more than 30 rounds of chemotherapy and eight major surgeries, including a double mastectomy.

Throughout her treatments the 43-year-old founded Cancer Coaching Australia, a program supporting others fighting cancer.

After undergoing treatment at The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico in 2016 her cancer had all but disappeared, with no spread for almost two years.

But it reared its head again in June last year.’s-desperate-plea-for-funds-to-afford-lifesaving-treatment”/>
media_cameraSuzanne is hoping for more time with partner Jason and her children. Pic Mark Cranitch.

It had spread throughout her bones and begun thickening around her brain, and doctors warned her organs will soon start to shut down.

The day before her 43rd birthday just under two weeks ago, the former St Hilda’s School student was told she had only months to live.

“I was numb, but then it was my birthday so I had all these people sending me messages, and it was so conflicting,” she said.

“I hadn’t told anybody … so I was feeling devastated and like I was going to die but then had everyone telling me to have a great day.”

It took another 24 hours for the author and cancer coach to make up her mind to keep on fighting, and it was then she paired with close friend Brenton Drennert to raise the money needed.


The treatment costs $25,000 upfront with every three months worth of medication a further $9000, bringing the total costs to more than $50,000.

Mr Drennert established a GoFundMe page to raise the money, driven by a need to save his friend’s life.

“She doesn’t just see this as an opportunity to get herself well but really as an opportunity to help others,” he said.

“As a cancer coach she’s helped countless others come to terms with things and even extend their own lives … if she doesn’t get this, it’s less time with her family and less time to train others to do what she does.”’s-desperate-plea-for-funds-to-afford-lifesaving-treatment”/>
media_cameraScans show how rapidly cancer has spread through her body. Photo: Supplied

The campaign has raised more than $9000 in less than a week.

Her family have already managed to pay for her plane ticket to Mexico. The money raised via the campaign will pay for 24-hour medical care, medications and vaccinations.

As she prepares to fly out tomorrow, Ms Day is holding out hope the treatment can give her more time with deskside engineer husband Jason and children Jaziah, 19, Liam, 17, Emily, 14, and Samuel, 11.

“I know that everything they did for me in Mexico last time was spot on, it helped me physically and mentally,” she said.

“I know it worked the first time, and I know it’s going to work this time.”

To donate to Suzanne Day’s cause, please visit

Originally published as Mum of four’s desperate plea for lifesaving treatment

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