Train ‘stalker’: Police claim CCTV footage shows man grabbing woman from behind

A man who appeared to grab a woman from behind late last year in southwest Sydney had followed her down a street only two days before, police say.

Police claim on December 10, the man grabbed the 31-year-old near Belmore Railway Station, covered her mouth with his hand and tried to drag her towards a unit block before she broke free and ran.

Two days earlier, on December 8, the same woman became spooked and ran after being followed by a man walking closely behind her.‘stalker’-Police-claim-CCTV-footage-shows-man-grabbing-woman-from-behind”/>
media_cameraPolice claim CCTV footage shows the man following a woman who escaped by hiding in a front yard.‘stalker’-Police-claim-CCTV-footage-shows-man-grabbing-woman-from-behind”/>
media_cameraPolice claim after failing to find the woman in the yard the man turns around and returns to the station.

According to police, a later examination of CCTV footage found that on the night of December 10 another unidentified woman was followed by the same man and escaped by seeking refuge in the front yard of a house.

“The man walks past the house before turning back and heading towards the station,” police said in a statement today.

Police then discovered the same man was seen following a number of other women in the same area over two hours on December 22.

“He has not been seen at the station since,” police said.

Detectives have released CCTV footage of a man they believe can help them with their inquiries and are asking anyone with information to come forward.‘stalker’-Police-claim-CCTV-footage-shows-man-grabbing-woman-from-behind”/>
media_cameraPolice claim the man was also seen following a number of women on December 22.

Originally published as CCTV of man seen ‘stalking’ women

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