Harrington Park: Intruder dies after struggle with resident

A Sydney man is being quizzed by police after an intruder he confronted in his lounge room died following a struggle between the two men.

NSW Police say the 44-year-old Harrington Park resident was woken on Sunday about 7.30am by his dogs barking.

media_cameraPolice pictured outside the Harrington Park home. Picture: Monique Harmer

He went to investigate “and challenged a male intruder located in the lounge room of his home”, police said.

“He confronted that male intruder and a struggle has ensued,” Detective Chief Inspector Shane Woolbank told reporters.

media_cameraDetective Chief Inspector Shane Woolbank speaking to media outside Narellan Police Station.

“As a result of that struggle, the male intruder has collapsed and become unconscious.” The intruder, 35, couldn’t be revived despite neighbours performing CPR and paramedics being called.

media_cameraFrancois Schwartz confronted an intruder in his Harrington Park home this morning. Picture: Facebook.

It’s believed the resident’s wife and young child were home at the time. The 44-year-old was taken to Narellan police station and is assisting police with their inquiries.

Neighbours say they saw another man running barefoot down the street at the time of the incident.

“The thing I noticed the most was he was barefoot – it was strange,” one man told Network Ten.

Police asked for help identifying the intruder who was described as being in his late 20s to early 30s, with muscular build and was 175-180 centimetres tall.

He had a ginger-like moustache and beard, a scar on his left shoulder, and was dressed in a blue sleeveless top and grey knee-length shorts and no shoes.

The man also had a tattoo on his upper left chest reading ‘true to ourselves is our true honour’ and another in a foreign language on the upper inside of his left arm.

Originally published as Intruder dies after struggle with resident

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