Bradley Soper dead | Harrington Park home invasion

The man who died in a suspected home invasion in Sydney’s southwest has been identified as personal trainer and weightlifter Bradley Soper.

The Daily Telegraphreports Mr Soper trained clients and lifted weights at a Narellan gym where several of his friends today said that reports he died after breaking into a Harrington Park home seemed “out of character” for him.

“R.I.P. Bro I will miss you so much. My best mate bruh. You taught me so much man, I cant believe this sh*t,” one tribute on Instagram read.

Johan Schwartz, his wife and their baby daughter had been living in Harrington Park estate for less than two years when the family home they built from the ground up was broken into early yesterday morning. Mr Schwartz “challenged a male intruder located in the lounge room”, according to investigators.

Mr Schwartz, whom neighbours today praised for defending his family, was first alerted to a disturbance when his dogs started barking just before 8am Sunday.”/>
media_cameraBrad Soper, a 35-year-old Sydney man, died in a home invasion in Harrington Park.

It’s believed the 44-year-old dad walked downstairs to find Mr Soper, wearing a singlet, shorts and standing barefoot in his lounge room.

Unconfirmed reports from neighbours also claim the home intruder was soaking wet after reportedly going for a swim in the family’s pool before entering the Westwood Court house.

A violent struggle between the pair ensued, resulting in the 35-year-old intruder collapsing and losing consciousness.

Neighbours rushed to help and gave the man CPR and Mr Schwartz’s wife called triple-0 but he couldn’t be saved.”/>
media_cameraBrad Soper, a 35-year-old Sydney man, died in a home invasion in Harrington Park. Picture: Instagram”/>
media_cameraBradley Soper was found dead in Johan Schwartz’s family home. Picture: Instagram

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