RUSH HOUR: Woman refuses to move bag on packed train


Woman refuses to move bag on train

Passengers on a packed train were left furious when a woman refused to move her designer handbag off a seat, claiming she didn’t want “disgusting” people sitting next to her.

The incident occurred in New Jersey in the US and shows the woman pushing her bag in-between her and the man sitting next to her and refusing to move it.

Multiple passengers can be heard telling the woman to move her bag so someone can sit down but she just leaves her headphones in and pretends not to notice the commotion going on around her.

“Come on, it’s already a late train. You’re delaying everybody,” the man sitting next to says.

She eventually takes an ear bud out, telling the man “there are plenty of seats”.

The crowd of standing commuters immediately point out the train is full so there isn’t.

“You’re not disabled, you’re not pregnant. I don’t give a f**k. I don’t want your bed bugs. I don’t want your smell. You’re disgusting,” she screams at one of the female passengers.

In a second video the man that was next to her has left and she now has her bag fully covering the spare seat.

The train conductor arrives and taps her bag to get her attention and asks her to move.

She screams at him not to touch her stuff while hitting his hand away.

Police finally arrive on the scene and escort the woman off the train.


Excess water use key in NSW fish kills

Scientists have found rules put in place to manage the Darling River system have allowed irrigators to extract excess water which has contributed to the death of millions of fish.

An expert panel on Monday handed down a report into three major fish kills at Menindee in far west NSW this summer which found “serious deficiencies” in governance which “eroded” the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the Water Act.

The panel — convened by the Australian Academy of Science at the request of federal Labor — said the mass deaths were unusual in the combination of their severity, impact on large, older Murray cod and association with low flows.

Panel chair Professor Craig Moritz said the deaths were an indicator of a river system that’s in “crisis” because of insufficient river flows, drought and excess diversions from irrigators.

“Our review of the fish kills found there isn’t enough water in the Darling system to avoid catastrophic outcomes,” Prof Moritz said in a statement.

The report said while the drought was severe, it wasn’t unprecedented and some of the older fish had survived other events including the significant millennium drought.

Prior releases of water from Menindee Lakes also contributed, the report found.

Panel member Professor Richard Kingsford said there’s no monitoring of how much water is diverted from floodplains by upstream irrigators.

“There’s something between 20 and 50 per cent of water that’s being diverted that’s not metered,” he told reporters on Monday.

The panel called for urgent action — within six months — to ensure there is sufficient flow in the Darling River to prevent stratification and blue-green algal blooms.

media_cameraDiminishing water levels on the Darling River below weir 32 near Menindee. Picture: Dean Lewins/AAP


Dead NSW intruder identified as weightlifter

The home intruder who died after a confrontation with a father in his Sydney house has been identified as a trainer and weightlifter who competed in competitions around the world.

Bradley Soper, 35, died after he entered a home in Harrington Park on Sunday morning and was caught by owner Johan Schwartz.

The 44-year-old dad was reportedly woken by his dogs barking at about 7.30am.

He then located the source of the commotion and “challenged a male intruder located in the lounge room”, the police said.

Mr Shwartz was questioned for several hours by NSW Police after he confronted the man but was released on Sunday night without charge pending further inquiries.

Homicide detectives are assisting in the investigation and are awaiting the outcome of a post-mortem examination of to determine the cause of Soper’s death.”/>
media_cameraSoper died after a confrontation with the homeowner. Picture: Bradley Soper

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