Oscars 2019: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper sent gift bags ahead of Academy Awards

They used to be packed with expensive bling, five-star holidays, and luxury skincare but this year’s Oscars gift bags have taken a bizarre turn.

Stars are being given free phobia-busting therapy sessions, marijuana-infused products, and a toilet plunger in pre-Oscars goodie bags, worth six-figures.

They include cannabis “edibles” by Coda Signature, marijuana-infused moisturiser and facial oil by High Beauty, and a free VIP membership to MOTA ― Los Angeles’s first weed-friendly social club.

Other freebies include a “silent” breast pump, La Celine false eyelashes and an It’s A 10 Haircare hairdryer.

Forbes estimates the bags — distributed by Los Angeles-based public relations company Distinctive Assets — add up to $US100,000 ($A139,000).

media_cameraBest Actress Oscar-nominee Lady Gaga is on the list for a goodie bag worth more than $100,000. Picture: Getty Images

The gifts are distributed to Oscar-nominees in the main acting and directing categories by Los Angeles-based public relations agency, Distinctive Assets.

Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said this year’s pre-Oscars swag was “tied to the legalisation of cannabis in California”, according to Forbes, with a “fun and festive” selection of products and experiences.

That includes a weekend away in Malibu, a trip to Californian wellness retreat the Golden Door, and a “luxury small-ship adventure” to the Amazon, Galapagos, Iceland or Costa Rica-Panama, according to The Independent.

Other freebies are a private “phobia relief” session with Kalliope Barlis, $30,000 worth of beauty treatments at a top New York spa, and a couture bow tie.

Pretzels, cookies, maple syrup, chocolate, a hands-free dog leash, Salix hair-inhibiting lotion, personal training sessions, and soy candles also feature.

media_cameraA Star Is Born’s Bradley Cooper, pictured at the 91st Oscars nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills earlier this month. Picture: Getty Images

Oscar-nominees are being gifted a piece of art, a private dinner cooked by an unspecified “celebrity chef” and diet supplements.

The gift bags are being sent to 25 nominees including A Star is Born duo Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, along with BlacKkKlansman director Spike Lee, Glenn Close, Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone and Christian Bale, ahead of Monday’s awards at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

media_cameraOscar-winner Emma Stone will be vying for the Best Supporting Actress category at Monday’s Academy Awards. Picture: AFP

The gift bags are not officially affiliated with the Academy Awards, though Distinctive Assets has been sending them out for the past 17 years.

The agency is described as a niche marketing company with expertise in “celebrity seeding”, branding and public relations.

The company also handles goodie bags for other Hollywood awards shows including the Grammys, Tonys, Kids’ Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards and MTV’s Video Music Awards and Movie Awards.

The 91st Academy Awards screen in Australia on Monday from midday on Nine.

Originally published as Bizarre $100K Oscars gift bags revealed

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