Jason Brown quits coaching after shocking texts: Netflix, Last Chance U

A flamboyant and often-explicit football coach featured on popular Netflix documentary series Last Chance U has resigned from Independence Community College in Kansas, America after allegedly referencing Adolf Hitler in text messages to a German athlete on the team.

Jason Brown, whose brash coaching style dominated the show’s third season, announced his resignation from the college in a letter posted to Twitter.

“Given what has most recently been allowed to transpire, it is clear, that it will be nearly impossible to stay here,” Brown wrote.

“More plainly, the Montgomery County Chronicle has greatly diminished my ability to successfully do my job, and has set this football program back significantly, and the cumulative effect of all these detrimental factors I believe clearly constitutes a constructive discharge of my employment.”

Brown had been under fire for a series of text messages published last week by a local weekly newspaper. In one of them sent on February 12 to freshman Alexandros Alexiou, Brown allegedly referenced the former Nazi leader during an exchange about Alexiou’s status on the team after accruing too many disciplinary infractions.

“4.10pm on field u German f***,” Brown wrote, according to screenshots of the messages. “U have 17 points toward your 25 points … u got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed I’m your new Hitler figure out your life.”

media_cameraThe texts Brown allegedly sent his player.
media_cameraA screenshot of the conversation was posted on social media.

Brown declined further comment when reached early Monday by The New York Post.

“I’m not doing anything yet,” Brown wrote in an email. “I’ll let you know.”

Brown stepped down after more than three years at Independence, which won the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference in 2017 after last taking the conference championship in 1977.

The team would later go on to beat Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in the Midwest Bowl Classic for its first bowl win in school history.

Brown said he took pride in working with Independence staffers to “achieve greatness” at the college, but cited “naysayers on campus” as an insurmountable hurdle in the aftermath of the published text messages.

“I urge all of the naysayers on campus and in town to really look at yourself in the mirror and do a self-evaluation of yourself before so harshly judging others,” Brown’s letter continued.

“Regardless, I can sleep at night knowing I led with my best foot forward and graduated our players! I don’t care about anything else!”

media_cameraJason Brown has stepped down from his role.

Messages seeking comment from ICC president Daniel Barwick were not immediately returned, but he previously told KOAM that Brown’s comments were unacceptable.

“Independence Community College does not condone the language Coach Brown used in his message,” Barwick’s statement released last week read.

“I have spoken with Coach Brown about his message to the student, and he fully understands that his language was not appropriate. The college is investigating the matter and will have no further statement at this time.”

College trustees, meanwhile, took no immediate action regarding Brown’s status following a three-hour, closed-door meeting last week, according to the Montgomery County Chronicle.

This article first appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced wither permission

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