Family killers Shana and Dominique Decree ‘were in Doomsday cult’

The Pennsylvania mom and daughter charged with killing five relatives recently ranted that the end of the world was coming this month, a family friend said.

The New York Post reports that Latasha Harris, whose daughter is the half-sister of the massacre’s two youngest victims, said the family had grown concerned about accused killers Shana and Dominique Decree’s increasingly bizarre behaviour and another relative, Tyquilla Campbell, went check in on the Morrisville family.‘were-in-Doomsday-cult’”/>
media_cameraShana, left, and Dominique Decree reportedly thought the world was ending. Picture: Supplied

The crime scene at the apartment building in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Mother, daughter arrested after five relatives found murdered

“Tyquilla went there, more concerned for the kids, and they were basically like, ‘Get out of here, you’re a demon. You’re not wanted here, you’re going to die,’” said Ms Harris, 46. “They said something about (how) the world is supposed to be coming to an end in February of 2019.”‘were-in-Doomsday-cult’”/>
media_cameraImani Allen, left, and Erika Allen, right, would have turned 10 this week. Picture: Supplied

The mother-daughter pair were found on Monday afternoon sitting in a bed in their ramshackle home surrounded by the bodies of two of Shana’s children, Naa’Irah Smith, 25, and Damon Decree Jr., 13; Shana’s sister, Jamilla Campbell, 42; and Jamilla’s twin 9-year-old daughters, Imani and Erika Allen, authorities said.

No illegal drugs were found in the home, although there was prescription medication, police said. Shana suffered from lupus, they said.‘were-in-Doomsday-cult’”/>
media_cameraJamilla Campbell was the sister of Shana Decree. Picture: Supplied

From his home in North Carolina, Damon Decree, Sr., the ex-husband and father of the accused, said the family had been “talking about demons being all around them.”

His 13-year-old son was murdered.

“Apparently they had dissected into some type of cult that they materialised online. I don’t know how or what kind of cult,” Mr Decree said.‘were-in-Doomsday-cult’”/>
media_cameraDamon Decree Jr was the son of Shana Decree. Picture: Supplied

Harris, who lives in the same housing complex — about 50 kms north of Philadelphia — where cops found Shana, 45, and Dominique, 19, surrounded by the bodies, said she thought the family was under the alleged murderous matriarch’s sway.

“I think the whole family was brainwashed by the mother, Shana,” said Ms Harris, who added that she thought the nightmare was a botched murder-suicide. “I’m thinking) Shana and Dominique) were waiting to die, also. They were all supposed to go, but it just didn’t go according to plan.”‘were-in-Doomsday-cult’”/>
media_cameraNaa’Irah Smith was the daughter of Shana Decree. Picture: Supplied

Shana and Dominique have each been charged with five counts of homicide and one count of conspiracy.

They have offered wildly divergent and often contradictory accounts of what happened, with Shana at one point telling police that the victims “wanted to die,” according to court papers.

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This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is republished here with permission

Originally published as Family killers ‘were in Doomsday cult’

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