MAFS: Married At First Sight’s Jessika and Dan busted kissing on the Gold Coast | photos

Married At First Sight’s worst kept secret has been revealed, with contestants Jessika Power and Dan Webb photographed kissing during a day out on the Gold Coast.

The pictures of the two reality stars, who are “married” to other people on the Channel 9 show, confirm long-running speculation that they will have an affair in upcoming episodes.

But unlike Sam Ball and Ines Basic, who had a short-lived affair earlier in the season, it appears Jessika and Dan’s secret romance has continued even though filming has wrapped.’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraMAFS contestants Dan and Jessika have been spotted kissing. Picture: Diimex’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraThe pair looked cosy. Picture: Diimex’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraAnd getting close. Picture: Diimex

When grilled about her and Dan on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa earlier this week Jessika would only confirm that he was a “good kisser”.

Photos show the pair holding hands and kissing as they stood on a boating ramp before they both jumped on a jetski for a spin around the water.

Their dalliance began last week when Jessika decided to go on a flirting spree at the dinner party.

After having her advances rejected by Nic Jovanovic, the 26-year-old set her sights on Dan and decided to make a move on him, asking for his number at the table in full view of their respective partners.’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraThe pair chatted on boat ramp before getting in the water. Picture: Diimex’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraThe photos confirm TV’s worst kept secret. Picture: Diimex

Since then both Dan and Jessika’s “marriages” have come under further strain during this week’s hometown visits.

Jessika and Mick Gould’s attempts to repair their already shaky relationship came undone on Tuesday night’s episode when the farmer attacked her family’s behaviour at the wedding.

“Mick made comments about my family and how they were acting at our wedding!” Jessika told producers.

“Mick said that my father was a bit rude to some people at the wedding. He called him a drunk. He then proceeded to call my brother a f**k head. And then Mick said, ‘Oh your sister and your best friend, they were *****’.”’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraOne more time. Picture: Diimex’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraJessika and Dan’s affair on MAFS appears to have continued after filming. Picture: Diimex’s-Jessika-and-Dan-busted-kissing-on-the-Gold-Coast-photos”/>
media_cameraThe pair first met at last week’s dinner party. Picture: Diimex

Mick refused to back down from his comments, arguing it was “facts” and they “were basically acting like twats”.

Tamara and Dan didn’t fare any better, with a visit to the meet the single dad’s family ended with his mum disapproving of their relationship.

Afterwards Dan complained to Tamara that he was struggling with his feelings as she wasn’t showing him enough affection — despite the fact that the couple had sex the night before.

“If Tam doesn’t ramp up the affection game it’s not gonna work,” Dan told producers.

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