MAFS: Married at First Sight bride Susie flaunts boobs at ceremony | Photo

Susie Bradley’s decision to remain in her troubled marriage to “husband” Billy Vincent had viewers shocked last night.

But there was something else that had viewers talking last night — her racy and “confusing” choice of outfit.

During Sunday night’s commitment ceremony on MAFS, the blonde confidently flaunted a lilac lace corset that left very little to the imagination.

The strappy bustier looked more like lingerie and people have a lot to say about it.

Taking to Twitter, many people were left wondering why the 25-year-old showed up in her “underwear”.”/>
media_cameraMAFS Susie Bradley left some viewers stunned over her choice of outfit.

The mum-of-one clearly had no problem with her style, taking to her Instagram to share a selfie of her lingerie-inspired attire just before the show aired on Sunday night.

“Here’s to my second commitment ceremony, let’s hope I don’t implode again like last week,” she said in a caption alongside the post.

“Ps. Would have been great if someone had told me earlier on in life all the weird facials I pull, only took me going on national television to work that one out. So cheers guys.””/>
media_cameraShe posted a photo of herself in the racy attire before the episode aired on Sunday night.

As a result, she cropped out most of her face, mainly drawing attention to assets and some of her fans had no problem with it, begging her to stop being “so hot”.

Before Susie was rumoured to appear on the show as an intruder last month, racy images emerged showing her posing topless in a pool.

In one of the snaps she was wearing a tiny leopard print G-string and holding her discarded bikini top in her hand, while at a pool.”/>
media_cameraRacy photos of her emerged last month.”/>
media_camera…just before she was rumoured to be an intruder on the show.

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday,” she captioned the throwback picture on her Instagram.

Since making her debut on MAFS Susie has been dogged by rumours she and NRL player Todd Carney are an item.

She has also been criticised by viewers for her “cruel” treatment of Billy during last week’s homestay.

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