Mum’s past as an IS bride revealed after losing phone with family photos

A mum-of-three living as an events organiser in Germany has been unmasked as an IS bride who “recruited dozens of British women” after losing her phone with family snaps.

Omaima Abdi’s sinister former life was only uncovered when the smartphone she used in the so-called caliphate fell into the hands of an Arabic journalist, The Sun reports.

Aside from the contents of the phone there was little to show Abdi had lived a secret life in Syria where she’d been married to two IS fighters.

According to The Times, the 34-year-old, who also worked as a translator in the north German port city of Hamburg, had publicly shed the veil and apparently lived a changed life.’s-past-as-an-IS-bride-revealed-after-losing-phone-with-family-photos”/>
media_cameraThe mum was hiding a dark past as an IS bride. Picture: Jenan Moussa/Al Aan TV


But damning photographs on an old phone show a series of seemingly innocent yet sinister moments that revealed her past existence.

In one, a young boy stands next to a juice stall wearing a hat with an IS logo as his father pushes a buggy in combat trousers.

Alongside photos of the school run and family meals, the gallery also shows her son wielding a pistol and posing next to an IS flag.’s-past-as-an-IS-bride-revealed-after-losing-phone-with-family-photos”/>
media_cameraHer chilling phone gallery showed pictures of her son wielding a massive gun. Picture: Jenan Moussa/Al Aan TV

The phone also provided evidence suggesting Abdi, who is of Tunisian heritage, was a pivotal figure in an online propaganda ring nicknamed “the Mumsnet for jihadi brides”, previously exposed by The Sunday Times.

Possible contact details in Syria for an 18-year-old IS bride from Lewisham, southeast London, were also discovered on the phone.

Abdi now faces prosecution in Germany for membership of a terrorist organisation, and the Times reports M15 is also keen to question her about her British links.’s-past-as-an-IS-bride-revealed-after-losing-phone-with-family-photos”/>
media_cameraSome of the photos appear as innocent family snaps, with children playing in the park. Picture: Jenan Moussa/Al Aan TV


Abdi previously lived a Western lifestyle, according to early photos on her phone, and first became involved in militant Islam in 2012 when she was already divorced and had a daughter, Firdaus, from her first marriage.

She followed her second husband, Nader Hadra from Frankfurt, to Raqqa in Syria with Firdaus and their two other children in January 2015.

Hadra was killed in fighting within six weeks of her arrival, and she was given a £1,000 widow’s cash payment.

She then remarried, this time to a German rapper called Denis Cuspert or Deso Dogg.

Cuspert was a key propagandist and recruiter of Europeans for IS who converted to Islam in 2010, taking the new name Abou Maleeq.’s-past-as-an-IS-bride-revealed-after-losing-phone-with-family-photos”/>
media_cameraOmaima Abdi and Denis Cuspert, her second IS husband. Picture: Jenan Moussa/Al Aan TV

While they were together, Abdi became more active on social media, reportedly tweeting under the handle @FreeOurSisters1.

The group Free Our Sisters celebrated female terrorists jailed in Britain. One of their posts included a “Happy 9/11” cake to celebrate the anniversary of the attack in 2001.

Photos on her phone show Abdi and Cuspert staring adoringly at each other while armed with AK47s — as well as a photo of Abu Rahin Aziz, a former Luton-based crony of Anjem Choudary.

Cusper died in combat, and Aziz was later killed in a US drone strike.

Abdi, who is believed to have returned to Germany in late 2016, did not return a request from The Times for a comment last week.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Lost phone reveals woman’s dark secret

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