Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2: Arya, Gendry finally get together

Gearing up for battle against the undead is a daunting task. All that time spent waiting to die.

So that’s where we find our Game of Thrones characters this week, resigning themselves to a brutal fate.


(This isn’t a full recap. Check back later for a full rundown as well as our Game of Thrones podcast, Winter is Here.)

As our soon-to-be-fallen heroes break off into sometimes morose, sometimes inspiring little groups, Arya finally ticks off one more thing on her bucket list.

To be clear, that’s her bucket list, not her kill list.

After coming across The Hound and Beric Dondarrion and rightly saying that she doesn’t want to spend her last hours with “two miserable old sh**s”, she takes off and finds what, or whom, she’s looking for — Gendry.”/>
media_camera‘I am going to eat you up’

She was already thirsting for him big time after their two charged encounters in the blacksmithing workshop and she is ready — the heat from their flirting could probably slay the impending ice zombie invasion.

He’s all sooty and sweaty, and clearly flexing guns, and she looks like she wants to ravage him.

Can we say that we love Arya’s directness. No playing coy for the little assassin. You’d expect nothing less.

It’s a seduction like no other. More like an interrogation, really — Arya grilling Gendry on his sexual history, his half-arsed and unconvincing cries that he didn’t keep count of how many women he’d been with.

Plus he has given her a lovely gift beforehand. There’s nothing like a lovely, shiny, sharp White Walker-killing weapon to really let a girl know she’s special.

Who could deny Arya a taste of lusty human contact on the eve of what she thinks is her last stand?

“We’re probably going to die soon, I ought to know what it’s like before that happens,” she says.

Followed by: “I’m not the Red Woman, take your own bloody pants off.”

Ever the boss, even in bed.”/>
media_cameraA lip lock for the ages”/>
media_cameraYes, this is happening

It’s the natural climax of a relationship set up way back in season two when Arya was disguised as Arry the orphan and Gendry was on the run from King’s Landing.

You could tell, even then, the show was pushing them together, even as it kept them apart for five years.

We always knew these two crazy kids would make it.”/>
media_cameraBut nothing will satisfy Arya as much as the heat of battle

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