NYC jogger Karina Vetrano’s killer Chanel Lewis jailed for life

The man who murdered Karina Vetrano in New York while she was out jogging has been sentenced to life in prison.

Chanel Lewis, 22, was issued the sentence without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder and sexual assault of Vetrano.’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraChanel Lewis. Picture: AP’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano. Picture: Supplied

The New York Post reports in delivering a gut-wrenching victim impact statement ahead of the sentencing, Vetrano’s mother, Cathie Vetrano, called Lewis “remorseless” and deemed him “a pathetic, evil coward” who “carried out the work of Satan” when he laid his “loathsome hand upon a child of God — my daughter, my innocent daughter.”

“So repulsive are you, that you left her (body) hidden to be further desecrated in the summer heat by bugs and animals … like a snake, you slithered away into the night,” Mrs Vetrano told Lewis, adding: “My hope is that you live a long life within the prison of the law and the prison of your conscience.”’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano’s parents, Philip and Cathie Vetrano. Picture: Supplied

The devastated mother called the sentencing day “Karina’s day — it’s her and hers alone.”

“This is a day where we acknowledge that Karina’s life matters,” said Cathie, who then raised up the pair of white shoes Vetrano wore to work on the day of her murder.

“As tiny as they are,” Cathie said of the shoes, “these are the shoes of a giant — a valiant warrior and a queen.”’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano preparing for a run. Picture: Supplied’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano was called a warrior by her mother. Picture: Supplied

Vetrano was jogging on a park trail near her family home in Howard Beach, Queens, back in August 2016, when she was attacked and killed.

In Lewis’ chilling confession to police, he claimed he got angry at Vetrano when she tried to fight him off in the remote green space, admitting that he repeatedly punched her and dragged her “by the hands” into the tall grass near the jogging path.

There, “I finished her off,” Lewis can be heard telling cops in the disturbing recording.

“I was beating her and was mad at her,” Lewis confessed.’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraChanel Lewis. Picture: Supplied’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano. Picture: Supplied

Lewis’ first trial ended with a hung jury in November before a second jury convicted him of the killing earlier this month.

Authorities said Vetrano was punched in the face, dragged through thick weeds, thrown to the ground, violently raped and then strangled.

Investigators later determined that Vetrano had desperately fought for her life until the very end.’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraPhilip Vetrano and his daughter Karina Vetrano. Picture: Supplied’s-killer-Chanel-Lewis-jailed-for-life”/>
media_cameraKarina Vetrano and her father, Phil. Picture: Supplied

Vetrano’s father, Phil, found her body face down in the dirt on a trail they often ran together after she didn’t return home from her jog.

Lewis initially said he beat and strangled her but did not sexually abuse her. His DNA was linked to the crime scene.

Before his sentencing, Lewis spoke in court, declaring: “The only thing I want to say is, I’m innocent. I’m sorry for the family’s loss, but I didn’t do this.”

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and is republished here with permission

Originally published as NYC jogger’s killer jailed for life

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