Tziporah Malkah: Kate Fischer shows off 50kg weight loss

Tziporah Malkah, the model formerly known as Kate Fischer, has shown off her stunning 50kg weight loss.

Malkah, 45, posed in a revealing swimsuit for New Idea and told the mag about the effect of her transformation, saying, “I no longer hate myself, I actually really like me!”

“I’m down 10 dress sizes — from 24 to 14,” Malkah said. “This is the lightest I’ve been since I was 35 — more than a decade!””/>
media_cameraTziporah Malkah, formerly Kate Fischer, has dropped 50kgs. Picture: David Hahn for New Idea

Malkah, who was previously married to James Packer, disappeared from the public eye for more than a decade before signing on to appear in I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here in 2017.

At the time she was at her unhealthiest and unhappiest, weighing 120kg.

“I was in such bad shape, mentally and physically,” she told New Idea. “The producers would never pick me for anything too physical like bungee jumping back then, and I don’t really blame them, I was too big and unhealthy. But now … well it’s a different story.””/>
media_cameraTziporah on I’m a Celeb.”/>
media_cameraNew Idea’s Tziporah Malkah cover. Picture: New Idea

Malkah lost the weight the help of renowned hypnotist Mark Stephens, who performed what he called “hypnotic lap band surgery” on the star to help her ditch her emotional baggage.

“Now, whenever I pass the lolly section at the supermarket, a mantra Mark taught me rings in my ears,” Malkah told New Idea. “I don’t want it, I don’t need it, I won’t have it!”

She also hired a personal trainer and was exercising for up to four hours a day to lose the weight.

Now weighing less than 70kg, Malkah said she’s considering returning to modelling and is looking for more TV opportunities.”/>
media_cameraTziporah at Boomer Beach in 2017.”/>
media_cameraThe star has been slimming down in the recent months. Picture: Diimex

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