Carpet python video: Snake crawls under car bonnet in Queensland

An 18-year-old Queenslander had the shock of her life this morning as she watched an eight-foot snake slither into her car’s bonnet.

“Myself, one of my brothers and my mum were in her car backing out of our driveway on our way to McDonald’s when we saw the snake go under and up into my car, which was parked out the front,” Sophie Halbert told

“When I first saw it go under my car, I hoped like hell it would continue on … but it moved upwards into my engine. I was petrified, and meant to work today.

“It was terrifying. There was no way I was getting into that car.””/>
media_cameraSophie Halbert, from Queensland, saw the eight-foot snake slither into her car.

Sophie’s eldest brother Thomas arrived, and the Gold Coast family decided they needed to find out where exactly the snake was.

“I was too scared to open the bonnet, so Thomas unlocked the car and released the bonnet,” said Sophie. “My two brothers then used the garden rake to unlatch and raise the hood — the snake was curled up on the engine hood.”

Sophie called her dad, Troy, who had a pet python and experience with snakes. When he arrived at the scene 45 minutes later, the snake had curled further into the vehicle’s engine.

“At first, the snake was on top of the engine, but it made its way down to the radiator and near the fan of the car,” said the teenager.

“Any time we got close to the snake, it would move further into the bonnet to seek protection.

“My brothers and dad were very calm. Because of their prior experience, they understood the snake was more scared of them.””/>
media_cameraThe carpet python was beautiful, but Sophie was still terrified as her brother and father helped get it out of the vehicle.

“Thankfully, it had a very good temperament and didn’t hiss or try to attack anyone.”

It took about two hours of manoeuvring for Troy to finally get hold of the snake, with the family having to remove the engine’s plastic coverings and trimmings first.

“My father grabbed it, and with the help of my brother, it was pulled from the bonnet and placed into a pillowcase, driven to a forest near our home,” said Sophie.

“One of my neighbours came out when she heard my mum and I scream and run away as they were getting the snake out.

“He’s relocated into a safer and much more pleasant home now.”

Sophie’s work were understanding, allowing her to change her shift to a later time. “They were all really shocked and glad it wasn’t happening to them,” she said.”/>
media_cameraThe Queensland teenager said she was glad she spotted it before driving off.

While Sophie admits the carpet python was rather beautiful, she’d much rather her new slithery friend make a home elsewhere — particularly due to her extreme fear of snakes.

“Out of all the cars on the street, the snake just had to choose my car as the victim,” she joked.

“I’m just so glad we saw it. I would have smashed if it had come into my car whilst I was driving.

“I’m so grateful that my family were able to help me. I wouldn’t have been able to relocate the snake on my own.

“I’m so grateful that my family were calm, and knew how to handle the situation.””/>
media_cameraThe snake made itself comfortable in the cosy engine.

Originally published as Teen petrified as snake slithers into car

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