Chanel’s No. 5 Best Buys: Olympic torch, electric guitar, signed footy and Louis Vuitton bag among this week’s items

LOOKING to sniff out a bargain? Every Wednesday the Geelong Addy will bring you Chanel’s No. 5 Best Buys: a selection of preloved and secondhand goods on sale in the Geelong region.

From trash and treasures to weird and wacky buys, there will be plenty of hot deals to snag across five categories: Best Buys, Brand New Buys, Bizarre Buys, Bargain Buys and Bold Buys. If you’re a bargain hunter or a savvy shopper — check this out.

BEST BUYS’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraLouis Vuitton Bag.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag

Price: $1,200

Location: Newtown

Description: Great find if you’ve dreamed of owning a designer bag. Authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Dampier 35 in immaculate condition.’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraA footy signed by David Schwartz.

Signed Sherrin Football

Price: $220

Location: Torquay

Description: Signed Sherrin Football by football legend David Schwartz.’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraSheepskin men’s jacket.

Pure Sheepskin Men’s Jacket

Price: $400

Location: Geelong

Description: If you’re looking for a coat to stay warm during the winter, this could be for you. Size large Italian brand Conbipel sheepskin mens jacket.

BRAND NEW BUYS’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraWitchery Leather Bag.

Witchery Leather Bag

Price: $70

Location: Torquay

Description: Brand new black Witchery Leather Bucket Bag with Witchery Dust Bag.

BIZARRE BUYS’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraHamburger cookie jar.

Hamburger Cookie Jar

Price: $10

Location: Belmont

Description: Ceramic 25cm high hamburger cookie jar’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraOlympic torch.

Authentic Olympic Torch

Price: $3,000 negotiable

L ocation: Geelong

Description: Olympic torch from Sydney 2000 Olympics Relay in excellent condition. The authentic torch comes with a gas cylinder, so you can relight the torch if desired. It comes with a custom made glass stand for displaying the torch.

BARGAIN BUYS’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraLeather boots.

Brown Leather Boots

Price: $25

Location: Geelong

Description: Size 6 brown leather boots with comfortable lining in good condition.’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraDinner set.

Royal Albert 48pc Dinner Set

Price: $500

Location: Bannockburn

Description: Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ Dinner Set which comes with:

– 8 x dinner plates

– 8 x side plates

– 8 x bowls

– 8 x mugs

– 8 x tea cups

– 8 x saucers

*Usually $10-15 per item.

BOLD BUYS’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraElectric guitar.

Electric Guitar

Price: $800 negotiable

Location: Lara

Description: Jackson 7 String guitar with BPK Impulses. Bone nut/electronics/volume and tone pots all upgraded at Harrons Custom Guitars.’s-No.-5-Best-Buys-Olympic-torch-electric-guitar-signed-footy-and-Louis-Vuitton-bag-among-this-week’s-items”/>
media_cameraOil painting.

Original Charles Moodie Oil Painting

Price: $2,500 negotiable

Location: Highton

Description: Original Pilbarra Chasm oil painting by Geelong artist Charles Moodie. The painting was created by Moodie over 20 years ago. It is 115.5cm in length and 91cm high.

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