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Time flies whether you are having fun or not, and so we find ourselves back in Canberra, with the MPs for the first sitting fortnight since the May election.

It’s also about the 14th or 15th sitting day this year, so I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much. Because – democracy.

And after this sitting ends on the 1st of August, parliament won’t sit again until the 9th of September. It’s been that sort of year.

But suddenly, national security is once again URGENT – we know this, because there were stories about how many foreign fighters had already returned to Australia in the News Corp papers over the weekend. And Deidre Chambers, what a coincidence – Peter Dutton wants the parliament to give home affairs the power to place temporary exclusion orders on dual citizen foreign fighters, which would keep them out of Australia for at least two years. And the parliament is due to debate that this fortnight. What. Are. The. Chances.

Drought will also be back on the agenda – or at least the drought fund the government wants to set up. Labor will back it – if it doesn’t take money from other funds, like infrastructure. So prepare for that debate.

Meanwhile, the government will attempt to appeal the medevac legislation – Jacqui Lambie is the key vote for that one – and has been made a little more sensitive by the visit from Papua New Guinea’s prime minster James Marape. Marape wants a time line on when Australia plans on closing down its offshore detention centre on Manus Island and also has a few things to say about the awarding of contracts for running the centres.


Oh and smash me down and call me avocado – Mathias Cormann, as one of the only regular government members approved to do regular media spots, was doing the rounds this morning and said a review into Christoper Pyne and Julie Bishop’s new jobs has found no breach of the rules.

Pyne has been hired as a defence consultant for EY. He was the defence minister about two seconds ago. Bishop has taken a board position with Palladium, which manages hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Dfat contracts. She was the foreign minister about five minutes ago.

But Cormann told ABC radio a review by the head of prime minister and cabinet has found ‘nothing to see here’.

We will bring you that and the rest of the days news, as it happens. Mike Bowers is on deck running around, no doubt freezing, and forgetting to bring me my coffee, so you’ll have his amazing work to look forward to as well. Katharine Murphy is back from leave, and she’ll be heading up the brains trust of Sarah Martin and Paul Karp. All of them have forgot to bring me a coffee, but I adore them anyway.

You’ll find me in the comments, or on twitter, so drop us a line if you are in the mood.


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