Barnaby Joyce’s medicinal cannabis stance at odds with his electorate

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BARNABY Joyce’s opposition to medicinal cannabis is at odds with his electorate, a poll by The Leader revealed. The poll asked readers if they supported the use of medicinal cannabis. In 24 hours, more than 1200 people responded, with an overwhelming 98.8 per cent of them in favour. The results mirror a 2014 poll conducted by The Leader, where 93.8 per cent of people were in support of legalising cannabis for medical purposes. The New England MP was a supporter of medicinal marijuana and was particularly vocal in 2016, around the time of its legalisation. However, Mr Joyce appears to have withdrawn his support. Last week, he was filmed at a screening of the documentary High as Mike, when he was accused of swearing at advocate Lucy Haslam – something Mr Joyce denied – and telling her she did not have a “mortgage on grief” – which he did not deny. Earlier this year he distanced himself from Ms Haslam’s campaign to make the drug more accessible for chronically ill patients. Mr Joyce is on personal leave and could not be contacted. Have your say. Click this link to send a letter to the editor READ ALSO

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