How To Make $10k in 20 Days: Aussie mum quarters grocery bill

Rebecca Adamson used to rack up a weekly $350 grocery bill every time she faced the supermarket check-out.

But that’s until she met Aussie finance guru David Koch.

Rebecca and her husband Mick are one of two couples to feature in the first episode of Chanel 7’s new program, How To Make $10k in 20 Days.

The concept of the show is simple — Koch challenges two couples from different walks of life to save that seemingly impossible sum in just under three weeks.

The Adamsons have three kids under three. Picture:”/>
media_cameraThe Adamsons have three kids under three. Picture: Seven

Sydney family the Adamsons live in a four-bedroom house with a couple of cars, a caravan and a garage full of items they no longer use.

They’ve got three kids aged under three, so Rebecca is a stay-at-home mum while her husband earns around the national average of $83,000.

One of the first strategies she looked at in her savings challenge was reducing her grocery spend, which she did by buying enough groceries to last three weeks in one go.

That allowed her to buy items like mince in bulk and on special.

She also tracked down the unit price for every item she added to her trolley, and opted for items that could be used across multiple meals.

They made some serious cash by selling items collecting dust in their garage. Picture:”/>
media_cameraThey made some serious cash by selling items collecting dust in their garage. Picture: Seven

Once she got home, she cooked in bulk for the weeks ahead, whipping up meals like lasagne that could be frozen and used as needed.

It ended up reducing her costs down to just $8 per meal — which added $8000 to the family’s savings kitty.

The couple also sold their unwanted items online and at local markets, rented their campervan out for hire via sharing platform Camplify and completed gardening, cleaning and other tasks for others via Airtasker, while Mr Adamson also signed up as an Uber driver.

At the end of the challenge, they had saved $7253.

The other couple, Gold Coast 20-somethings Tim and Jana, decided to appear on the show to save some cash for their upcoming wedding.

Tim and Jana are saving for their wedding. Picture:”/>
media_cameraTim and Jana are saving for their wedding. Picture: Seven

The young foodies, who have a combined income of $150,000, previously spent around $300 a week eating out, which they cut down to zero.

Instead, they cut down their grocery bill by half — from an average of $120 a week to $60 — by giving up their beloved Eggs Benny and opting for Vegemite on toast and “disgusting” instant coffee at home instead.

They also listed their vehicles on a car share platform, rented out their three-bedroom home on Airbnb and stayed in Tim’s brother’s bus instead, and picked up jobs on Airtasker, such as dog walking and renovations.

Tim made some extra cash by upcycling some old barrels and selling them on, as well as parting with his beloved tinnie — an experience he found “a bit rattling”.

In the end, they “smashed” their goal and saved a massive $10,117.

But Koch said there was another way families could save $20,000 in “less than an hour”.

“If you have a home loan, ring your bank or lender and ask for a discount on the interest rate,” he said.

The couples both learnt important money-making strategies. Picture:”/>
media_cameraThe couples both learnt important money-making strategies. Picture: Seven

“The average Australian mortgage is $385,000, so a reduction of just a quarter of aper cent will save $20,000 over 30 years.

“Do it now — it’s a simple phone call, what do you have to lose?”

He also urged viewers to also call their gas and electricity suppliers and insurance companies to ask for a similar discount that could save some serious coin.

Kochie and the couples were also joined by a team of experts including chef Ed Halmagyi, personal finance expert Canna Campbell from SugarMamma TV, award-winning interior designer Juliet Ashworth and Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung who shared their tips on how to slash grocery bills, convert a home into a hotel, transform trash to treasure and turn a passion into an income.

Koch said the key to making money — and making it fast — came down to three simple steps: sell, earn and save.

“Every day I talk to ordinary Aussies who tell me how hard they work for every single dollar, but a quick injection of cash would really help them out,” he said.

“Most think it’s impossible, but there is a way to get ahead and I’m looking forward to showing Australia how to do it.”

How To Make $10k in 20 Days premiered on Wednesday, 14 August at 7.30pm on Seven.

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