Malaysians worried about growing old: Poll, Malaysia News

PETALING JAYA – An international survey has found that 62 per cent of Malaysians worry about growing old, with more than half – 56 per cent – feeling that there is a lack of respect for the elderly.

The findings by the research company Ipsos yesterday also showed that Malaysians were ranked fourth globally when it came to concerns about ageing.

“In comparison, 45 per cent of people in India, 48 per cent in the United States and 50 per cent in Britain worry less about getting old, ” it said.

The poll also revealed that 49 per cent of Malaysians were not looking forward to old age compared to those in India (73 per cent) and Turkey (67 per cent), where optimism was high.

The survey was carried out via an online poll of 20, 788 participants aged between 16 and 64 in 28 countries.

While 76 per cent of those polled felt that the young had a responsibility to care for the aged, 56 per cent said there was a general lack of respect for the elderly.

“Despite these roadblocks, most Malaysians are confident that they can cruise through their ‘twilight years’ with considerable ease, ” noted Ipsos.

Seventy-six per cent of Malaysians, however, felt that it was possible to prepare for old age, with 85 per cent expecting to be fit and healthy in their later years.

The poll also showed that 60 per cent of Malaysians agreed that technology would make ageing easier.

Ipsos Sdn Bhd managing director Arun Menon said the decreasing fertility rates and increasing life expectancy were “fast forwarding” Malaysia towards becoming an aged society.Technological advancement and preparedness, he said, could make life easier for the elderly.

“Malaysians who consider 56 to be old age are not optimistic about ageing.

“Where the marketers might look at this as an opportunity, there is an uphill task for the government and communities to be equipped to support an ageing society, ” he added.

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