NBA 2019: Michael Porter Jr reveals Commissioner Adam Silver’s phone number

NBA players are some of the most well-trained users of social media in all of sports.

They use their Instagram and Twitter feeds to not only promote their jet-set lifestyles but also spruik the brands they are involved with as well as stir up rival players.

But occasionally there is a rare gaffe made and this time it was Denver rookie Michael Porter Junior — and he went big.

His gaffe? He appeared to Snapchat CEO Adam Silver’s personal mobile phone number to a bunch of people.

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media_cameraWhen you Snapchat the bosses’ phone number.

Porter quickly deleted the picture, but by then it was too late as Twitter went into meltdown as they took Porter Jr to town in emphatic fashion.

Silver it would seem had changed his details as a result of the ill thought out photograph.

Whether Porter gets fined or punished for his bizarre indiscretion remains to be seen but it’s a far from ideal moment for the 21-year-old who has had his struggles since even before being drafted.

Porter Jr was rated one of the best prospects ahead of the 2018 NBA Draft but m, major back issues caused multiple teams to pass on him early until Denver took him with pick 14.

he ended up sitting out all of last season with the back injury and underwent a second round of surgery after signing a multi-year deal with the franchise.

Originally published as Rookie puts NBA bosses’ number on net

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