Police uncover child prostitution at cafe in Indonesia, Asia News

The Tulungagung Police in East Java have arrested a fisherman, Suwaji, 48, for allegedly buying prostitution services of a 14-year-old waitress at a cafe in Prigi Beach, Trenggalek, also in East Java.

The arrest follows the earlier arrest of the cafe’s owner, a 35-year old woman, on human trafficking charges.

“[Suwaji] said it was his second time buying sexual services from [the waitress] at [the cafe],” Tulungagung Police crime unit chief Adj. Comr. Septiadi said on Tuesday.

The case was unveiled after the waitress posted an announcement on her Facebook account, saying there was a vacancy at the cafe she was working for. Out of several applicants, the cafe management hired two girls, APM, 16, and WA, 15.

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The three girls were caught on their way to Prigi Beach with the 30-year old manager of the cafe.

Tulungagung Police spokesman Brig. Endro Purnomo said the 14-year old had been working at the cafe for three months and reportedly had to provide sexual services to up to 10 men every day.

Feeling exhausted, she reportedly complained to the manager and suggested hiring her friends to help her at the cafe.

She allegedly received Rp 200,000 (S$19.40), of which she would give Rp 50,000 to the cafe owner, for every client.

The three girls are currently under the care of the Tulungagung Social Agency.

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