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Starbound is forever.

In the years since the release of the runaway success by indie studio Chucklefish, the sprawling survival sandbox has garnered tens of thousands of players, an extensive range of updates and tonnes of fan-made mods — a list which spans the certifiably awesome to the outright bizarre.

Recently, a uniquely Singaporean mod has been brought to light: a righteous weapon of justice featuring the Ministry of Home Affair’s SGSecure app. May the light of Minister K. Shanmugam guide you. 

PHOTO: Steam 

Some context, first. SGSecure deems itself to be an essential app for all Singaporeans as a way to stay updated on unfolding terror attacks, if any. It’s also lauded as a convenient digital platform for citizens to report on potential threats and suspicious activities. Which, in theory, sounds great. 

But since its launch, SGSecure garnered more attention over the fervent nationwide campaign to make people download the app. So much so that the mobile app has been getting parodic reviews, with trolls elevating the app to God-like status. Two years since SGSecure was released, the reviews just keep rolling in. 

PHOTO: Screengrab from Google Play Store


PHOTO: Screengrab from Google Play Store
PHOTO: Screengrab from Google Play Store
PHOTO: Screengrab from Google Play Store

In a salute to SGSecure’s meme-worthy prestige, local Starbounder Pan Ziyue’s (DeltaV Δ) turned the app into an actual God-tier weapon in the game. With the mod installed in Starbound, you’ll get to wield an incredibly powerful SGSecure-installed phone capable of wiping any enemies out of existence with a single swipe. 

According to the modder, it’s simply a re-skinned hammer — just with ridiculous damage. Oh, and it’ll play an 8-bit snippet of Singapore‘s national anthem, because why not.

Spawning the item is as simple as downloading the SGSecure app IRL; players have to key in a command in the admin console in-game.

If you are a Starbounder yourself, the mod is easy enough to install. Simply head down to Starbound’s workshop page in Steam to get hold of the legendary phone. 


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