Battle of songs leads to chaos at IFC mall

Chaos erupted at an upscale shopping mall in Central on Thursday afterneoon as pro-Beijing groups and opponents of the extradition bill took on each other with songs, slogans and heated arguments.

The unexpected events at the IFC mall started with a battle of songs during the lunch hour after a group of people who support Beijing arrived with national flags and started belting out national anthem.

This comes as many malls across Hong Kong have been witnessing large number of people taking part in mass singing of a new song “Glory to Hong Kong“, written for the protest movement and has fast become the protesters’ anthem.

The pro-Beijing group, who had organised through social media, arrived at the IFC mall around 1pm, started singing and shouting slogans like “China, add oil”, copying popular chants of extradition bill protesters.

As the news of this started spreading and footage started appearning on social media, opponents of the now-withdrawn extradition bill started gathering inside the mall, outnumbering the people rendering patriotic songs.

They soon started singing the protesters’ anthem and drowning out thei rivals.

As the tones rose, so did the tempers in some place as heated arguemnts broke out between some people.

Many shops were shuttered as scuffles broke out between the two groups. Some people with the national flags abused anti-extradition bill protesters, calling them “cockroaches” and “rubbish”.

Andrew Fung, the information coordinator of former Chief Executive C Y Leung, also got into an argument with some people at the scene.

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