Children approached while waiting for school bus at Gilgai

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Police are appealing for information as investigations continue into a child approach near Inverell. At about 7.50am on Monday, officers attached to New England Police District received reports two children had been approached by an unknown man in a white Falcon station wagon as they waited for a school bus at Gilgai. Police were told the two young children ran to a neighbouring residence for assistance after the incident in which a man, believed to be in his 50s with dark hair and unshaven, acted in a suspicious manner before stopping beside the children. READ ALSO: It is believed the driver conducted a u-turn before driving back towards Gilgai. The vehicle of interest is described as a white Falcon station wagon with grey scratches on the bonnet. “These two young children did exactly as we suggest, they sought the safety of adults nearby and asked them for help,” New England Police District Detective Inspector Ann Joy said in a statement. Police urge anyone with information about this incident to contact 6722 0599.

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