Fire donations better in cash, fire-stricken towns say

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DONORS are being asked to give cash instead of goods, to help people get through and recover from fires raging across the region. Mayor Peter Petty said Tenterfield shire residents had been “overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness shown” during the Tenterfield and Drake blazes. However, emergency food, bottled water and clothing were no longer needed. “I understand that many people in the community want to assist, and I sincerely thank them, but please do not donate items such as goods and clothing,” Councillor Petty said. “It becomes totally unmanageable, commits unnecessary resources, quickly snowballs, and creates problems during the recovery stage.” Read also: Cr Petty asked people to instead donate cash to the Salvation Army or BlazeAid. They could also buy Why Leave Town gift cards, which would support local businesses. While the Bees Nest fire continues to burn, Tyringham Rural Fire Service secretary Leonie Wright asked people to donate cash at the Dorrigo Banana Coast Credit Union. “We have received such great donations from many communities in the area, but we would like to spread out the love after the crisis has passed,” Ms Wright said. Volunteer Debbie Thornhill said Beaumont’s Produce at Dorrigo was also accepting cash donation “so that locals can get stock feed to keep the animals alive”. “Animals are suffering and sometimes people forget,” she said. This afternoon, the fire at Long Gully Road, Drake, was listed on the Rural Fire Service website as being controlled and having covered 47,565ha. The Mount Mckenzie Road fire at Tenterfield had burnt 2772ha and was under control. The Bees Nest fire north of Ebor had claimed 78627ha and was being controlled.

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