Police supporters reject baton misuse fear

Members of the the Hong Kong Chinese Industry and Commerce Association held a demonstration outside the piolice headquartes in Wan Chai to offer their support to officers and urging them to enforce law and order strictly.

The union said the ongoing social unrest has undermined businesses in Hong Kong.

One association member, Siu Yiu-yam, said he welcomes a recent decision to equip off-duty officers with extendable batons. He said it will will enable them to maintain the law and order better.

Siu said even ordinary citizens will want to help stop crimes from happening. Policemen are citizens with an added responsibility of being officers and if carrying batons makes it more convenient for them to maintain law and order, let them have it, said Siu.

He said plain-clothed officers can carry guns home under existing rules and no incident of misuse has happened. Moreover the batons are less dangerous than guns, said Siu.

When asked if he’s concerned this will worsen the police-citizen relationship or cause misunderstanding or conflicts, Siu said he believes officers will show restraint when using the batons.

Around a dozen trade union members took part in the event and they also delivered fruits and moon cakes to the officers to show their appreciation.

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